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Not every league location has the ability to play host to our State Tournaments due to lack of tables and space.

BUT…what if you could host a ‘qualifier’ tournament for your own ACS players or other ACS players that would come and play.

This would provide something to your players and to your host bar.  How would this work?

Most of you have some kind of tournaments at your locations anyway, just decide to make one of these ONLY for sanctioned ACS players. 

1.       Decide on your event (singles or scotch)

2.       Provide dates and info to Association for posting

3.       Purchase State Entry Certificate from the Association

4.       Hold tournament


What else do you need to do: 

. Let players know your tournament is ONLY for ACS players

. Let winners know they receive the certificate that day and is valid for 1 year and the Association will track this information so it will not get lost or forgotten.


What else:

All table money, Drinking money, Food money stays with the host bar. Host bar cost is the State Entry certificate fee. (ie singles certificate or doubles certificate) You will purchase Certificate up front. 

After your tournament what we need from you.

.A list of players from your tournament and or a copy of your bracket


This is a way that you as a league operator can work with your host bars and do something for them…for your players…and for the Association.


Mary Griffin ACS President ( or text 918-331-8230)